Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fly tying tutorials with step-by-step instructions

I am starting this blog for a couple reasons.

1. I love fly fishing. It has become a huge passion of mine and over the years I have started tying my own flies. I prefer the step by step tutorials found throughout the internet but always have trouble keeping track of which site has a specific pattern. So I plan on posting that information on this blog.

2. I'm sure there are others out there looking for good patterns or prefer step by step instructions. I hope that I can provide tutorials that people will like and can use.

Majority of these posts will not be my material so I will be providing links to the sites. Hopefully this will allow others to find additional fly tying resources but also not appear as though I am stealing someone's posts and claiming them as my own

Feel free to makes requests. I will try my best to locate the pattern and provide a tutorial.

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