Friday, April 6, 2012

How to tie a Parachute Adams - Step by Step instructions

My second favorite dry fly would have to be the Parachute Adams. This fly works well for a variety of hatches. It almost like a one size fits all t-shirt. It may not imitate any particular hatch but it does cover many mayfly and caddis hatches.

If you have no experience tying a parachute style dry fly, I would recommend starting with a larger size hook.

This tutorial for the Parachute Adams dry fly comes from the and was tied by Chris Hatcher. Another good tutorial for the parachute adams is at I use that one as a guide occasionally as well.


Hook: TMC 100, #10-18
Thread: Black 8/0
Tail: Brown & Grizzly hackle
Body: Adam's color superfine dubbing
Post: White antron or substitute
Wing: Brown & Grizzly mix

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Start thread and wrap back to the barb tip

2. Tie in mix of brown and grizzly hackle. Use a stacker to align the tips. Make sure the fibers are all on the top of the hook shank

3. Tie in a post (my next post will be a tutorial on tying a parachute post).

4. Dub body up to post. The length of the post should be the length of the hook gap.

5. Tie in brown & grizzly hackle feathers.

6. Wrap the hackle starting at the top of the thread base on the post and work downward.

7. Ad a little bit of dubbing to the thread to cover the tie in spot and secure the hackle with 3 wraps

8. Tie off and trim any errant hackle fibers. Trim post to look like mayfly wings.

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