Friday, April 6, 2012

How to tie parachute posts, a Step-by-Step guide

As promised in the previous post. I would include a tutorial on how to tie a parachute post.
I found it took me a few tries to make the post look clean and stable. This is a pretty good step by step tutorial on how to tie a parachute post. In the post on how to tie a parachute adams, the post was made using white antron. I used that when i first started but now that I have more fly tying material I tend to use calf tail.

These step by step instructions on how to tie a parachute post are again by Chris Hatcher from


white antron, calf tail or substitute.

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Start the thread and wrap back about 1/3 the shank length

2. Place the post material above the shank and put 2-3 wraps to secure it to the top of the shank. The left over material to the rear can now be trimmed. Since mayfly bodies are tapered, make an angled cut. This will eliminate ta lump of material that would need to be covered later.

3. Make wraps over the material that was left over from trimming and advance the thread in front of the post. Wrap thread in front of the tie in point, building a tapered mount. If done properly this will hold the material upright.
4. Bring the thread up the post by starting at the base and wrapping upwards. Make tight successive wraps up then back down onto the shank. This distance you wrap up the post depends on how much hackle is used.

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